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Hello, my name is Michael, and MichaelRBlumberg.com is my blog. Thanks for visiting!
By way of background, I am an author, speaker, management consultant, and business coach. I began my career back in 1985 when I started working in my father’s management consulting firm, D.F. Blumberg & Associates, Inc. as a market research intern. After graduating from Temple University with an MBA in Marketing in 1986, I began working full time in the firm. Eventually, I became the Chief Operating Officer and when my father passed away in 2004 I become its President and CEO. I re-named the company Blumberg Advisory Group in 2005.

I am very blessed to have had the experience working in my father’s business.  As the owner’s son, I was given a lot of opportunity to learn and grow.  I was able to work on a lot of different projects, in lots of different industry, leveraging all sorts of knowledge I gained from my MBA education. This was great because it fulfilled my need for variety. If I had to do the same thing over and over again, I think I’d go nuts. Another need that being a management consultant fulfills for me is growth. As a consultant, I am continually faced with new problems and challenges which I must solve for my clients.

I’ve spent most of my career consulting to clients in the High-Tech Industry. I help my clients solve challenges related to  & Service Supply Chain (e.g., field service, technical support, service logistics).  For example, they want to find ways to increase service revenue, expand into new markets, improve service productivity and efficiency, boost profits, and enhance service quality. My clients range in size from start-ups, to small & medium sized businesses (SMBs), to large and very large customer accounts (Enterprise) including many of the Fortune 1000. Over the years, I’ve helped them with strategic planning, market research, mergers & acquisitions, bench-marking, content marketing, and systems evaluation and selection. I have even served as an expert witness on several legal cases involving the market for high tech services.

In 2009 I attended an event that changed my life. It was called Unleash the Power within lead by Tony Robbins. I learned how to overcome fears that were holding me back in my business and personal life. I got so much value out of this experience that I enrolled in his Leadership Academy Course where I learned the strategies, skills, and techniques to lead myself and others to achieve breakthrough results. I completed the program in 2012.

Who my blog can help
I launched this blog in 2012, shortly after completing Leadership Academy. It was originally called ReverseLogisticsToday.net.  I re-branded it as MichaelRBlumberg.com in 2015 because I was blogging about issues well beyond the topic of Reverse Logistics. The blog is rapidly growing into a vibrant and engaged community of people looking to gain the winning edge in their business, career, and professional life.


What I blog about
I help motivated but overwhelmed service professionals and business executives gain access to the latest and greatest strategies, tools, and insights about service management so that they can increase sales, boost profits, and delight their customers. Below are some of the topics I write about:

• Leadership
• Strategy
• Sales & Marketing
• Operational Excellence
• Technology

I normally publish one new post every other week. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via e-mail.