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Thanks for visiting my writing page! As you read you’ll find out why you need a writer, more about me, what you can expect of me as a writer, my regular writing topics, what people are saying about me, and how to reach me to discuss your writing needs.

Why you need a writer
If your experience with blogging, content creation, and article writing has left you overwhelmed and your audience “underwhelmed,” then you’re in the right place!

We all know that CONTENT is a vital part of our marketing success…

We all know that we need more ARTICLES…

We all know that we need to BLOG more regularly…

But who has the time? Or the energy? Or the focus?

And while doing it yourself is very tempting, is it worth taking valuable time from the tasks most important to your site, your business, or your family?

If someone reads it, are they going to subscribe to and share your content, enroll in your program, or purchase your product?

Would you be proud enough to let your colleagues, current customers, or friends and family read it in a newsletter?
Probably not.

So why waste your time and energy doing it yourself and pinching pennies, when you’re losing time and opportunity?

If you want rich, engaging, and thought provoking content for your website, blog, magazine, or newsletter contact me today!

And let’s position your reputation and your brand where it should be, at the top.

I look forward to helping you get your message, products, and services heard.

Want me to write for you? Let’s discuss your writing needs.


A little about me

Over the past 25  years I’ve developed a wide variety of communication skills through some of the roles I’ve served. I’ve honed my communication skills through writing, interviewing, and being interviewed.

I’ve honed my persuasive communication skills through business development, management consulting, and executive coaching roles. I’ve learned to engage an audience through consulting and coaching. More recently I’ve began to fine tune those skills through participation Toastmasters, expected to receive Competent Communicator Award by the end of this year, and the Competent Leader Award in the Spring of 2015.

What you can expect

If you hire me to write for you, here’s what you can expect:

1. Prompt response to your email and/or phone correspondence.
2. Personal consultation prior to any articles or blog posts to understand what your needs are and what you are looking for.
3. Promotion of the post(s) or article(s) on my blog and social media channels.
4. Excellent and on-time delivery of original content that is rich, engaging, entertaining, and conversational.
5. A quick follow-up after the posts and articles are published.

Want me to write for you? Click here and lets discuss.

Regular writing topics

I write on a variety of topics related to the Reverse Logistics, Service & Support, and Professional Services; here are some of my most common topics:

  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Technology
  • Operational Excellence

Want me to write for you? Click here and lets discuss.